Monday, March 2, 2015

March 15 Presidential Primary Bill Sails Through Florida House Committee

The Florida state legislature does not officially convene its 2015 session until tomorrow (Tuesday, March 3), but the process for pre-filing bills began weeks ago and committee work has started as well. In the state House today (Monday, March 2), that committee work included consideration of a bill to officially set the date of the Florida presidential primary for March 15.1

The Florida House Rules, Calendar and Ethics Committee unanimously passed PCB RCEC 15-05 this afternoon with no discussion and no debate.2 It was not controversial to say the least. This is basically a committee-sponsored bill that will now be assigned a House bill number. The committee chair, Rep. Ritch Workman (R-52nd, Melbourne), spoke on behalf of the bill and will likely be the sponsor.

This House legislation mirrors the bill introduced in the Florida state Senate last week.

UPDATE (3/3/15): The committee proposed bill was filed as HB 7035.
UPDATE (3/3/15): Senate bill passes committee

1 Technically, under current state law, the primary would be scheduled for March 15 anyway.

2 PCB RCEC is Proposed Committee Bill from the Rules, Calendar and Ethics Committee.

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