Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Links (5/3/11): Quick Presidential Primary Hits

From around the country, some presidential primary news:

The Alabama Senate Committee on the Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics and Elections unanimously passed HB 425 (5-0) today. The bill could see a vote before the full Senate as early as Thursday.

Washington state Democrats called an audible on the date of their presidential caucuses for next year. What was April 7 is now Sunday, April 15. The Rules and Affirmative Action Committees made the change at a party meeting over the weekend.

One of the New Jersey bills to eliminate the separate presidential primary and move it back to June may actually get a committee vote on Thursday. Of course, Sen. Richard Codey, who pushed the move to February four years ago, is against the move.

Superfluous though it may seem, the Oklahoma House passed the Senate-amended version of HB 1615 (73-15) today. Yes, it moves the presidential primary to March 6 -- something HB 1614 already accomplished -- but the bill also moves the primaries for state and local offices from the last Tuesday in July to the last Tuesday in June, among other things.

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