Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Colorado House Passes Senate Bill to Move Presidential Nominating Caucuses Up

The Colorado House today passed SB 189. The legislation not only moves the Centennial state's presidential nominating caucuses from the third Tuesday in March to the first Tuesday in March, but also shifts the primaries for state and local offices from the second Tuesday in August to the last Tuesday in June. The latter provision brings Colorado into compliance with the mandates put in place by the federal MOVE act (It requires states to allow for a 45 day window in which military personnel abroad can vote. There would not have been enough time in Colorado, for instance, to finalize the general election ballot after the August primary and still get the ballots off to those in the military without cutting into that 45 day window.).

The bill has now passed both houses of the General Assembly and heads off to the desk of Governor John Hickenlooper for his consideration.

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