Friday, May 6, 2011

Missouri Senate Presidential Primary Bill is Off to Conference Committee

The oft-talked about (at least around FHQ) SB 282, differing versions of which have passed the Missouri House and Senate, was sent back to the Senate on Thursday after the House passed its version of the bill. That House Committee Substitute, again, seeks to shift the Show Me state's presidential primary back into March and differs from the Senate-passed version that ties the primary to New Hampshire -- scheduling it for a week after the Granite state's first in the nation contest. Obviously, the House bill required some concurrence from the Senate to move forward and failed to achieve that on Thursday. Absent that, the Senate requested a conference committee to which the House agreed.

SB 282, then, is scheduled to be in conference on Monday, May 9. One thing to note here is that the senator behind the New Hampshire provision in the Senate-passed version (Senator Brad Lager (R-12th, Savannah)) was not among the Senate conferees selected to take part in the conference session.

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