Friday, February 6, 2015

Uncertainty surrounds NC primary

Phillip Stephens, Robeson County (NC) Republican Party chairman, talks about the 2016 North Carolina presidential primary.

Skip the speculation based on a primary calendar that is still in flux.1 The important parts here are:
  1. Someone within the Republican Party leadership, even if only at the county level, recognizes that there are penalties that would be levied against North Carolina if the state were to hold a February primary. There is not enough of this in-state at the moment. 

  2. There is a connection made between penalties and the need if not likelihood of a primary date change. That may be forthcoming, but the wheels are not in motion in Raleigh at the General Assembly yet.
1 I must admit that FHQ has grown quite tired of folks speculating with seeming certainty based on an ever-shifting calendar. But that speculation is particularly irksome when it focuses on what we might call the options states -- like Colorado, Minnesota and Utah -- that have early and non-compliant options but are not locked into them. All that is explained in footnotes on the calendar. Yes, I understand the implications of complaining about footnotes not being read in an actual footnote. You aren't reading this, are you?

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