Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mississippi Presidential Primary Bills Pass

The Mississippi state House unanimously passed HB 933 on Tuesday, February 10. The bill would move the Magnolia state primary up a week from the second Tuesday in March to the first Tuesday in March. The latter is the date currently being targeted by a small cluster of southern states for an SEC primary.

The companion bill in the state Senate passed on Wednesday, February 11. However, the Senate version (SB 2531) emerged from committee with a small amendment that changed a bill that matched the House version. That amendment was subsequently withdrawn and another was added on the floor addressing a change in the presidential candidate filing period.

As the bills cross over to the opposite chambers, those differences between the two bills will have to be rectified.

Update (3/3/15): House bill dies in committee, Senate bill passes committee
UPDATE (3/11/15): Amended Senate bill passes state House

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