Monday, May 4, 2015

DC Presidential Primary to June 14

The Washington, DC legislation shifting the presidential primary in the district from April to June cleared its final hurdle over the weekend.

B20-0265 passed the DC Council late in 2014 and was signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser earlier this year. However, the bill just made it through its formal congressional review period and has now become law. The DC presidential primary now moves from the first Tuesday in April to the second Tuesday in June. That new calendar position likely makes the vote in the district the last in the sequence of states on the 2016 presidential primary calendar.

On the Republican side, Washington, DC Republicans have traditionally allocated national convention delegates in a winner-take-all fashion. That winner-take-all contest for 19 delegates will now bring up the rear on the calendar. But don't read too much into that.  

Hat tip to Joe Wenzinger for passing news of this along to FHQ.

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