Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill to Move Presidential Primary to March

The AP is reporting that the Oklahoma Senate passed SB 808 during its floor session today. The bill changes the date on which the Sooner state's presidential primary will be held in 2012 and every four years thereafter from the first Tuesday in February to the first Tuesday in March. This brings Oklahoma one step closer to scheduling its delegate selection event in accordance with the national parties' delegate selection rules.

And while the vote is not accounted for on the history of the bill linked above, it passed unanimously (see SB 808 on the second page of the Senate's March 1 journal) with 43 ayes and no nays with five members absent.

Oklahoma moved from the second Tuesday in March to the first Tuesday in February for the 2004 cycle and now is apparently close to moving back to March where the state held its primaries since first having one back in 1988.

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