Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow! Who Knew Independents and Libertarians (Among Others) Were Non-Partisan?

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I'm guessing that Chris Daggett won't have much of an impact on the outcome of the New Jersey gubernatorial election in Warren County on November 3. He won't if this ballot is used. Given a complaint by Libertarian gubernatorial, Ken Kaplan, that "Non-Partisan" tag will now be "Nominations by Petition." Still, Daggett is almost hidden on that ballot while the two major party candidate slates (The governors have lieutenant governor running mates for the first time ever this year.) have columns all to themselves. According to Ballot Access News, "New Jersey and New Hampshire are the only states in the nation that gives [sic] party column headings to the qualified parties, but not to the unqualified parties."

Will it have an impact in Warren County next month? Well, McCain won the county by a shade less than 7000 votes in November out of almost 49,000 cast (56%). This would seem to be Christie country. However, if Florida taught us anything during the 2000 election, it is that ballot design matters.

Hat tip to Ballot Access News for the link.

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