Friday, April 3, 2009

Championship Set in NPR's 2012 Bracket

...and I don't know that this is what the folks at Political Junkie had in mind.

[Click Bracket to Enlarge or HERE to Vote in the Championship Round]

Ron Paul vs. Jim DeMint. Ron Paul vs. Jim DeMint? Well, Newt Gingrich's warning that a third party might rise in 2012 if the GOP doesn't right its ship seems to have come true. Somehow I don't think he meant within the current GOP structure.

And now that this tournament is almost complete, I can just see GOP caucus and convention participants from a year ago shaking their heads right now saying, "See, this is what happened to us last year. We got hijacked!" And they did, but McCain already had the nomination clinched. Speaking of using caucus rules to your advantage, I wonder if the GOP Temporary Delegate Selection Committee will address some of those caucus concerns when the group's ranks are filled and meetings begin? It was arguably a bigger (though quieter) problem on the GOP side than it was for the Democrats. [Clinton supporters may object.]

Head over and vote now. Ron Paul has already opened up a significant lead. Final results will be revealed on Tuesday.

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Jack said...

If you came up to me a year ago and told me that someday I'd be voting for Jim DeMint, well ...

Josh Putnam said...

The bigger test may be seeing if you're still voting for him in three years.

Jack said...

Sure; in a "Most Despised Senator" bracket, he might go a few rounds.