Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And Your 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee Is...

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[Image Courtesy of NPR]

Other than Ron Paul winning this thing, the process wasn't that unlike a typical post-reform primary season. The field of candidates got winnowed down, there were some upsets and surprises along the way, and ultimately one candidate emerged and became the inevitable nominee.

I wish I had kept closer tabs on the voting throughout the last few days. Political Junkie says Paul edged South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint by 13 points (Yes, edged considering the spread was 91-9 at one point early on during the voting.) with nearly one million votes cast. That the Paul lead was whittled down to a mere 13 points indicates that there may have been an anti-Paul voting faction out there. If this were an actual primary season context, it would have been indicative of buyers remorse having set in among Republican voters. Recall that Ron Paul was the candidate taking some anti-McCain votes during the 2008 primaries (especially after McCain had clinched on March 4).

Well, this has been fun and whether NPR does it again next year or not, FHQ will dust off its own bracket and see how it stands up to a year's worth of hindsight. All the while, we'll be hoping for a Carolina repeat in the basketball version.

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Jack said...

Dammit! I had $3,000 on DeMint.

And this closing of the Paul margin happened in other rounds, even the Romney round, although it was eventually reversed.

Jack said...

What happened to the Gingrich post? I missed almost all of it (they had the live broadcast online) and was looking forward to your summation.

Josh Putnam said...

It's up now. I was adding my comments and was mid-thought when I had to leave to catch the bus. Sadly Blogger's only option in that case is to save as a draft which pulls the whole post.

Irritating but it only rarely interferes with FHQ's standard operating procedures.