Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothing to See Here: NY-20 Race Comes to a Close

Democrat out, Democrat in.

Ah, if only it were that easy. Of course, that's all most will remember of this until the rematch between Murphy and Tedisco heats up in the fall of 2010, if then. For now though, Scott Murphy is the new congressman from New York's 20th district following Jim Tedisco's concession this afternoon. Murphy currently leads by 399 votes.

I think it is safe to say that this one is marked by both parties as one of the most competitive House races for 2010. And I'll say this: The special election has been welcomed respite from all things unelectiony since November.

[Yeah, I just made that one up.]

Up Next?

June 2: New Jersey Gubernatorial primary

June 9: Virginia Gubernatorial primary

July 14: CA-32 special election

See, we'll have a few things to tide us over until the general election campaigns this fall.

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Jack said...

Has Tedisco declared his candidacy for 2010? It seems likely, but not certain. Tedisco wasn't the unanimous choice of Republicans in the district; Greene County Republicans preferred John Faso, who in 2006 got just over 29% of the vote against Prostitute Guy. Perhaps some Republicans will be leery of renominating him now that he lost a race he was supposed to win.

Then again, 2010 will probably be a better year for House Republicans than 2008 and Republicans in the district will likely blame the 2008 political climate for Tedisco's defeat and thus renominate him. Tedisco won't enjoy being a rank-and-file Assemblyman in a minority that controls only 27% of the lower house, having given up his post as minority leader.

And I like "unelectiony." A Google search reveals that you are the first person to use this word. Congratulations!

Josh Putnam said...

No, I don't think Tedisco's running is a sure thing for 2010, but I it is likely that he has earned the right of first refusal.

Jack said...

Yeah, you're right. I'm overthinking as usual.

Josh Putnam said...

Eh, overthinking is what this site is about.

Speaking of which...


Jack said...

Tedisco should really take down the message on his website claiming that they will be receiving ballots until April 13 and that he's confident that he'll win.

A few days after the elections, I checked out the webpages of defeated congressional candidates. Some had nice concessions in which they thanked their supporters and praised their opponents, some took their webpages down, some left them unchanged, as if the election was still going on, and one of them discussed how stupid the people in the district were for not voting for him.