Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carl Levin's Statement to the Rules and Bylaws Committee

I'm watching some of the R&B Committee coverage on C-SPAN and Senator Levin is trying his hand at some revisionist history by trying to turn the table on New Hampshire. At issue: New Hampshire jumped from its original date of January 22 to January 8 but was granted a waiver by the Democratic Party to do so. In so doing, they jumped Nevada's caucus. Levin took issue with that decision because Michigan wasn't granted a waiver for their jump. He cited the sequence that the R&B decided on--wedging a caucus in between Iowa and New Hampshire--as being the real topic for discussion. New Hampshire's move was contrary to that sequence. What Levin failed to mention in his plea to the members of the committee was that it was Michigan that triggered the New Hampshire move. New Hampshire has already been given the right to be in the pre-window period. The committee basically ruled that there was no harm, no foul in New Hampshire's January 8 position. The good people of Michigan apparently object though.

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