Sunday, May 4, 2008

7! 7 Votes in Guam!

You have to love when the coincidence of politics overlaps with film. In this case, I'm referring to one of the few memorable lines from the largely forgettable Black Sheep. But seriously, seven votes! Florida, eat your heart out. I don't know that the contest in Guam, or the outcome for that matter, moves the needle in the Democratic nomination race heading into Tuesday's contests in North Carolina and Indiana, but it is remarkable how close the final vote tally between Clinton and Obama was (and I don't care that it was out of just more than 5000 votes). The delegates will be split evenly (all four of them), but Obama did pick up an additional superdelegate when one of his supporters was elected Guam's Democratic party vice chair.

Meanwhile, both candidates had an hour each this morning on the Sunday morning talk shows. Obama played the front-runner on the Meet the Press, acting like and assuming he is the Democratic nominee. Clinton, for her part on This Week, did the same. There has been a stink raised over her appearance on a show hosted by a former member of her husband's administration, George Stephanopoulos. Both she and Stephanopoulous have mentioned and made light of the relationship during the show, but I don't know that she has enjoyed an easier road than Obama got from Tim Russert. On the topic of Florida and Michigan and the rules regarding the DNC's treatment of their nominating contests, Clinton said that it wasn't in the rules that Obama should take his name off the ballot in Michigan. That's the first I've heard that argument. I doubt that one's going to fly with the remaining undecided superdelegates (or the voters in the remaining primary states). It doesn't hurt to try, though, I suppose.

On to North Carolina and Indiana!

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