Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Georgia Continues to Eye Florida For Cue on Presidential Primary Scheduling

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is sticking his line on setting the date of the Peach state presidential primary (via Sarah Fay Campbell at the Newnan Times-Register):
"We're still waiting to see what Florida is going to do," Kemp said Friday [August 5] during a visit to Newnan.
"[W]e're waiting to see what everybody else does so we can best align Georgia to be relevant" in the presidential nomination race, Kemp said.
The unanswered question at this point is whether Kemp is willing to follow Florida -- if the secretary and Georgia Republicans are intent on holding a primary concurrent with the one in the Sunshine state -- into, say, January or if it means following Florida in an early but not too early primary date in late February or very early March.1 Kemp has remained tight-lipped on that issue and can afford to be. He has until December 1 to officially schedule the primary election.

1 Talk of a non-Tuesday primary was actually ongoing in Georgia prior to the discussions of such an idea in Florida.

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