Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maine Democrats Propose March 11 Caucuses for 2012

The Maine Democratic Party on Tuesday released its 2012 draft delegate selection plan. The plan is posted for a thirty day comment period before being voted upon by the party and submitted to the Democratic Rules and Bylaws Committee for approval. The municipal caucuses on Sunday, March 11 will serve as the first determining step in the delegate allocation process; one that culminate with the state convention during the first weekend in June.

If that date is finalized and approved, it would place the Pine Tree state Democrats' caucuses the weekend after what would be Super Tuesday, assuming the national parties get their way and all states comply with the delegate selection rules regarding timing. That weekend is currently open, though the Louisiana Republican Party State Central Committee has already urged the legislature in the Pelican state to shift the Louisiana primary to the Saturday before the Sunday on which Maine Democrats are proposing to hold their caucuses.

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Anonymous said...

Please Maine - SOMEONE have the guts to drag us into the 21st century and drop the caucus in favor of a primary! Never again will I sit through 5 hrs of hell to vote in a caucus. Many more people would come out to vote in a quick and easy vote primary!