Monday, April 4, 2011

Amended House Elections Bill to Cancel 2012 Presidential Primary Passes Kansas Senate

Since the Kansas Senate passed SB 128 at the end of February, the state House has been sitting not only on that bill but HB 2126, the House version that would cancel the 2012 primary in the Sunflower state, as well. The House may yet act on either bill, but it now has a third piece of legislation that includes a provision to delay of the presidential primary until 2016 after the Senate passed an elections bill that originated and earlier passed the House. HB 2080 was amended by the Senate Committee on the Whole on March 22 and passed the chamber by a vote of 37-1 on April 1.

The bill now goes back to the House and becomes the quickest path by which the presidential primary in the state can be delayed. The House merely has to okay the amended version from the Senate as opposed to taking additional action on the other two bills before it.

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