Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Presidential Primary Bill Introduced in Kansas Senate

On February 7, SB 128 was introduced in the Kansas Senate. The bill addresses a section of the Sunflower state's election law that the House bill (HB 2126) canceling the 2012 presidential primary does not alter in any way. This is relevant because the earlier post concerning the House bill mentioned that the legislation seemed to eliminate the presidential primary permanently. It does not. That bill simply does not include the subsection that the Senate bill is now changing.

The Senate bill changes references to the 2012 primary to 2016; essentially delaying the 2012 presidential primary in Kansas. The primary will be held, if state-appropriated funds are available, on the first Tuesday in April unless the Kansas secretary of state identifies an alternate date on which at least five other states are holding delegate selection events. The secretary of state has to inform the governor and other state officials of the certification of an alternate on or before November 1 of the year preceding the presidential election.

[FHQ will go ahead and pencil Kansas in on our 2016 presidential primary calendar. Kidding, sort of.]

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