Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gallup Poll (Nov. '09): Huckabee Continues to Garner the Most Support

FHQ is late to this, but in the interest of including all these early 2012 presidential polls, here is the latest from Gallup:

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Fine, that's not any different than any of the other polls, horserace or otherwise, we've seen in 2009. How about among the nation as a whole?

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No, that still doesn't stray too far from polls earlier in the year. Palin is still roundly dismissed. At least Barbour and Pawlenty's "nays" are based on a lack of name recognition. What's Gingrich's excuse? That can't be the 90s dragging him down, can it?

How about that Dan Quayle "qualified" question?

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No, Palin isn't getting any better. Huckabee and Romney fare well, Gingrich breaks even and the masses still don't know Barbour and Pawlenty. But more than three out of five find the former Alaska governor to be unqualified.

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And when things are broken down by party, not even Republicans see her as qualified as Huckabee, Romney or Gingrich. But more Democrats find her more qualified than Haley Barbour. It has been a slow crawl down in the polls this year for Palin, but it will be interesting to see how the book release/tour and Oprah visit affect these numbers.

Sadly, Public Policy Polling's 2012 trial heats will be in the field this weekend -- ahead of the book launch. Too bad.

NOTE: FHQ apologizes for the slow start to the week. The end of the semester around here is rapidly approaching and things are picking up. Amends will be made.

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Robert said...

Nice data. Huckabee is going after Palin. Maybe he hasn't seen these polls or does not believe that there is a sympathy response to criticism of Palin like I do. I suspect Newt has some residual from the 90s and some name recognition problems from those who do not watch or listen to news channels. He is a very impressive debater, however, and will do well in those, particularly if he can move to the center while retaining powerful forces behind the scenes in the base.

Simple thoughts said...

the Bill Oreilly poll had palin in first with 30%

Palin 30%
Huckabee 29%
Romney 25%
Newt 16%

Josh Putnam said...

Thanks for the heads up. Here's the link. Scroll down a bit and the poll will be on your right in the pink box.

As the poll notes, it isn't scientific. Still, this shows that Palin does have some support among some portion of the Republican Party. Are all the respondents going to turn out to vote in the primaries and do they live in states with closed primary rules?

Simple thoughts said...

suprised newt got so many votes.

Josh Putnam said...

I brought up the unscientific point in my previous post in an effort for full disclosure on the methodology. However, that said, these results look an awful lot like the other polling that has been conducted this year. Palin, Romney and Huckabee form a first tier, Gingrich has the second tier all to himself and then there's everyone else.


Of course, Palin has recently been near the bottom of that first tier and not at the top. But FHQ is never averse to discussions of poll results.