Friday, November 13, 2009

FHQ Friday Fun: You Can't Beat Louisiana Politics

There are so many double entendres in this interview that college students could start a drinking game.* Stormy Daniels could make this an uncomfortable race for David Vitter. No, she won't win, but she'll make a mark whether she enters or not.

And I'm still laughing uncontrollably at that Kim Jong-Il line for whatever reason.

*Not that FHQ would condone such a thing. For shame. But for a laugh, I recommend reading the rules of the Brent Musberger Drinking Game. FHQ dares college football fans not to laugh heartily.

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Jack said...

This is your first post tagged "Stormy Daniels." I don't see how you can possibly be taken seriously as a political blogger with such a paucity of material on one of the leading political figures of our time.

Josh Putnam said...

People are taking me seriously!?!

Jack said...

Yes. Among others, Stormy Daniels reads this every day. Which means you're even reaching political insiders.

Josh Putnam said...

Are you working for the Daniels campaign?

It is actually funny that you mention political insiders. Rick Davis (And yes, I still need to revisit that for the last entry on strategy.) when he was here talked about the McCain campaign keeping tabs on online content for the race. For one vainglorious moment I thought, "Maybe FHQ was one they checked." Well, for one moment anyway. Then I reentered reality and realized that that probably wasn't the case.

But that really isn't my goal.

Jack said...

No, I'm not. I'm firmly behind Melancon.

And I commend you for resisting an "insiders" pun. FHQ is above such crudeness.

Josh Putnam said...

It was hard to resist, but our editors are demanding around here. Ah, southern sensibility.