Thursday, March 26, 2009

Or Not: Arkansas is Staying in May for 2012

...for now.

Just yesterday a bill to move Arkansas' primaries for all offices to June (from late May) emerged from committee. That bill, though, doesn't appear to have widespread support because despite the "Do Pass" authorization SB 253 got from the State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee, that bill was withdrawn today by its sponsor, Steve Faris (D-Malevern).

Now, it should be noted that Faris was not only the sponsor of the legislation but is the chair of the committee that granted the "Do Pass" distinction for SB 253. Being in that position certainly helps push a bill through committee, but county clerks also had issues with the effect a June primary may have on turnout. I suspect also that legislators in the full body were somewhat wary of making another change less than two months after repealing the separate February presidential primary. It does, however, look like the state will take the Indiana approach and form an interim study to better estimate the ramifications of a June primary.

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