Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NPR's 2012 Bracket Results (1st Round) Are Now Up

[Click Bracket to Enlarge and HERE to Vote in the Second Round]

Sure, the bracket pairings don't match up the way they're supposed to, but the second round is set in NPR's Political March Madness. Click on the link above (directly under the bracket) to vote in round two. Those results will be posted on Monday (March 30).

Spoiler Alert: There was only one upset. (12) Brownback over (5) Daniels. I was looking at the vote totals yesterday and briefly considered doing a quick and dirty investigation of the correlation between the number of votes cast in a particular match up and the seeding/name recognition. The "no name" pairings, on the surface, had far fewer votes cast than pairings like Palin-Steele. And I think Brownback over Daniels fits that category to some extent.

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Jack said...

Why do the percentages for each pair of candidates always add up to 99? This was true in the 1st round, too.

For what it's worth, I voted Palin, Bush, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Romney, Huntsman, Sanford and Jindal.

I have a feeling Ron Paul's going to win this thing on NPR. He's crushing Romney 61-38, and there have been about 600 more votes in that race than others. Looks like some of the Ron Paul supporters have found this and decided that if they can't win the presidency, the NPR bracket is the next best thing.

Didn't really notice this in the first round; I guess they're just noticing now, which suggests that this will only grow in future rounds.

Anonymous said...

Here's my guess on the 99% upper bound: Rudin and the NPR Political Junkie staff are acting as silent superdelegates.

Good catch, though. I hadn't noticed.

Jack said...

Strange things are going on with this, though. DeMint's overtaken Huckabee and Pence is approaching Palin. Romney's closing the gap on Paul, but still trailing significantly ... I just wonder if some people are trying to mess this thing up.

Anonymous said...

On the good-intentions-net? Surely not!

Jack said...

Oh, I'm not that na├»ve — at least no more so than the average bleeding-heart pie-in-the-sky liberal. I just think that if we see a silly matchup in the final, like Paul-DeMint*, it kinda ruins it, and we might be better off merely watching Mr. Rudin's picks, available in a separate tab on the page.

*If DeMint is the nominee, I'll have to eat crow. If he becomes president, I'm moving to Canada. If Paul is the nominee, well, I'm likely to have a mild, non-fatal heart attack out of shock. If he wins the presidency, I'm moving to Jupiter.