Tuesday, September 13, 2011

March Presidential Primary Bill from Missouri House Gets Thumbs Up from Senate Committee

The Missouri state Senate Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee today voted in favor of the House-passed bill to move the Show Me state presidential primary from February to March. HB 3, unchanged from the committee-amended version that passed the House, now moves on to the floor of the Senate for consideration. Given the speed with which this bill has made it through the House and to this point in the Senate, and the fact that the originally-passed, but vetoed elections bill (with presidential primary move provision) is still not on the veto session agenda, indications are that this bill will be passed and sent on to Governor Jay Nixon (D). The question then would be whether the presidential candidate filing fee change -- something that was not in the governor's call for a special session -- would be a big enough change to force another veto.

...keeping Missouri on February 7.

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