Monday, September 14, 2009

Vote for Arizona

We don't usually do this, but FHQ is urging all its readers to head over to Public Policy Polling's blog and vote for Arizona as the location for the firm's next survey. You can also choose from among California, Georgia, Missouri or Ohio.

Yes, they'll include a 2012 presidential question (if you must know) since, as Tom Jensen puts it, "without John McCain at the top of the ticket this might be one of the most flippable states." Indeed. Obviously FHQ finds that inherently interesting but the primary challenge from McCain's right flank has also piqued our interest. I doubt they'll find McCain in trouble, but we'd like an answer to that question more than the 2010 questions in the other states.

...but that's just FHQ.

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Jack said...

Looks like your endorsement might make a difference. Arizona's only a few votes behind the two leaders. Imagine if you had made an endorsement in the NPR straw poll; you could have single-handedly brought down Ron Paul.

Josh Putnam said...

No one is that powerful, Jack.

Actually, that brings up an interesting idea. Chatter in the Ron Paul sector of the blogosphere has been complaining about the Texan not being included in any of the early 2012 polling. When Jensen solicits questions for Arizona (should FHQ have an impact), then his inclusion in that poll should be proposed.

...and if word of that actually made it to the Ron Paul folks...