Thursday, August 20, 2009

PPP Poll: 2012 Trial Heats (Obama v. Gingrich/Huckabee/Palin/Romney) August Edition

Public Policy Polling [pdf] has released its August edition of its 2012 trial heat polls. Here are the results of interest. I'll be back a little later with a deeper look and updated graphics.

Obama: 49%
Gingrich: 41%
Not Sure: 10%

Obama: 47%
Huckabee: 44%
Not Sure: 10%

Obama: 52%
Palin: 38%
Not Sure: 10%

Obama: 47%
Romney: 40%
Not Sure: 12%

Margin of error: +/- 3.3 points
Sample: 909 voters (national)
Conducted: August 14-17, 2009

A couple of quickie notes:
1) Palin's gender gap against Obama is still larger than all the other prospective (male) Republicans. She still does worse among women than Gingrich, Huckabee and Romney.

2) The big thing with PPP's July trial heats was that they surveyed each respondent's region and found that Obama swept the South; beating all four prospective Republicans. Region is a question that is noticeably absent from today's release. Why? What is there to hide?

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