Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Huckabee Slips in One Day?

First, the "Maria" Sotomayor blunder and now an apparent endorsement of Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race (Man, I've got to read those Huckabee emails more closely!). Huckabee'll have to clean this sort of thing up some before 2012 if he intends to run. Not a good day for ol' Huck. At least he isn't biting into unshucked tamales yet.

Hat tip: GOP12

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Jack said...

Nah, Huckabee is only helping his cause. With his claim in the Rubio endorsement that Sotomayor "will likely leave us with something akin to the 'Extreme Court'" even though four members of the court are solid conservatives and another a Republican-appointed moderate, Huckabee shows the distance from mainstream America required for any Republican nominee.

Josh Putnam said...

I suspect you're right, Jack. I even thought about that very thing some this morning riding in on the bus.

However, if Huckabee is running in 2012 and given Florida's current position on the cycle's primary calendar, it is an interesting move. And I'll have to say, I went back and forth in the Crist post on how I thought (think) the Florida presidential primary electorate would (will) behave in 2012. It is not unlike the battle for the direction of the party at the national level at the moment.

The move may be a gamble in Florida, but it may be helpful in other early primary states (see Iowa, South Carolina).

Then again, it could be a move to make Crist think a little about his presidential aspirations.