Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Big Montana

It's not just a 1lb. roast beef sandwich at Arby's anymore. The Treasure state (...and the twenty plus superdelegates who announced as soon as the polls closed in Montana) put Obama over the top in the delegate count for the Democratic nomination. I'm probably not the first to say it and I probably won't be the last. However, we just completed exactly five months of primary season (January 3-June 3). And the general election kicks off tomorrow; exactly five month before the election day on November 4. Ah, symmetry. This next five months will certainly be hard pressed to match the previous five months for drama and excitement.

So Obama sheds the VANP (very almost nearly presumptive) nominee title, and assumes the mantle of presumptive nominee. Here we go. Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I'll be back tomorrow with our first look at the electoral maps during general election season.

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Robert said...

Missed you yesterday afternoon. It promises to be an interesting campaign.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate I couldn't be there. I've lost all my powers now that primary season is over. I'm irrelevant now at the meetings.

Robert said...

Hardly. There were at least two occasions where one of us said, "I wish Josh was here." We needed you as a resource.

Anonymous said...

I will make my triumphant return next week.