Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Tuesday Caucuses for North Dakota Republicans

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The North Dakota Republican State Committee met on the evening of Tuesday, September 27 and finalized plans for their 2012 delegate selection. North Dakota Republican Party Communications Director, Matt Becker, has confirmed to FHQ via email that the caucus/convention process will begin with March 6 caucuses and culminate with the state convention during the March 30-April 1 weekend.

1. North Dakota Republicans will caucus three months prior to their Democratic counterparts in the state. As of now, that is the greatest amount of time between Republican and Democratic delegate selection in any state across the country.

2. Super Tuesday has been shifted back a month in 2012 relative to 2008, and yet North Dakota Republicans have stuck with a date for precinct caucuses on the earliest date allowed by the national parties. That will mean, however, that there will be a month less time between the precinct caucuses and the state convention.

3. North Dakota Republicans now occupy the space on March 6 that Colorado Republicans vacated over the weekend. There are now, once again, three western Republican caucus states scheduled to hold caucuses on March 6 (Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming). As was the case in Idaho and Wyoming, North Dakota Republicans preferred Mitt Romney in their 2008 caucuses.

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