Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Michigan is a Rick Snyder Signature Away from Solidifying February 28 Presidential Primary Date

This afternoon the Michigan state House passed SB 584 by a vote of 63-45 on partisan lines. The House passage of the bill now sends the legislation to the desk of Governor Rick Synder (R) for his consideration. The bill maintains the status quo on the presidential primary date -- February 28 -- but attempts to restrict the participation in the primary to Republican registrants.

Assuming the legislation is signed, Michigan would join Arizona as a state in violation of the RNC rules on delegate selection. Unlike Arizona, however, Michigan might be able to petition the national party for an exemption to the rule based on the fact that other elections are traditionally held on the fourth Tuesday in February. Whether the state party would be successful in that action will be up to the RNC which has maintained a pretty consistent line on potential rogue states: that states meeting that criteria would lose half of their delegates.

Gubernatorial action is now pending on legislation affecting presidential primary dates in Michigan, New Jersey and Wisconsin.

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