Monday, June 22, 2009

How Not to Emerge as a GOP Darkhorse, Part II

What is going on with the prospective GOP presidential nominees for 2012? First Jon Huntsman joins a Democratic administration, then John Ensign (was blackmailed?) admitted to an extramarital affair and now Mark Sanford has apparently taken a tour of Dick Cheney's undisclosed location. And this doesn't even take into account all of Sarah Palin's "issues" since the Alaska governor burst on the scene last September.

Who is responsible for this? Other Republicans vying for the 2012 nod? [I knew that Mitt Romney had a suspicious look about him.] The Obama administration trying to "hand-pick" a GOP patsy? [Chicago politics at its finest.] Lee Harvey Oswald? [From the grave. Take that Warren Commission.] I don't know. What I do know is that I spend my life looking for patterns like these and one has definitely surfaced here. Lightning striking the same place three times is not a coincidence.

...not anymore.

One thing's for sure: If you're thinking about a run for the GOP nomination in 2012, keep that thought to yourself until this thing blows over.

Oh, this just in from New York. Residents of the Empire State are blaming David Paterson for this rash of GOP troubles. Poor Paterson.

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Jack said...

I pray that Glenn Beck doesn't read this post. "And tonight, is Barack Obama the head of a conspiracy to ruthlessly eliminate his potential opponents? Will Americans have a choice in 2012? Is this the first step towards forcing a radical liberal hegemony down the throats of ordinary Americans? Join me tonight as I show you how our democracy is in grave danger."

Josh Putnam said...

Perhaps it isn't to the level of Beck, but some of the comments at RedState are raising ulterior motives, but most are focused on the overreaction of the press.

One good point over there: The governor's press team isn't doing him any favors.

Josh Putnam said...

Oh, and fret not. FHQ is still very safe in its relative anonymity. Let me reiterate: VERY safe.

Jack said...

The comments on RedState are better than I thought for a site that called me a Nazi a few weeks ago.

Assuming Sanford's motives for leaving the state were not the same as, say, Spitzer's motivations for his jaunt to Washington, DC — and I have no reason to believe they were and am not suggesting they were — this incident alone shouldn't hurt him much in 2012, unless such bizarre stories begin to happen with Bunning-like frequency.

Robert said...

Usually a disappearance like this by a celebrity or politician is for alcohol or drug rehab. That is why a sudden absence is so newsworthy. Remember Boris Yeltsin. I suspect, however, Sanford is having plastic surgery to make him look more like Ronald Reagan. The Republicans are looking so desperately for a reincarnation.