Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NPR's 2012 Bracket Results (3rd Round) Are Now Up

[Click Bracket to Enlarge or HERE to Vote in the Final Four Round]

It may be indicative of the anti-climatic nature of the contest, it may be that I was busy, or it may be that I forgot, but here are the third round results for NPR's Political March Madness. I'll say this: Ron Paul may be coasting to victory in this thing (Hey, organization matters!), but there is some serious South Carolina power represented in the Final Four. Both Jim DeMint and Mark Sanford claim one of those spots. Something tells me the selection committee would try to have these two face off to avoid the "splitting the early South Carolina primary vote" problem. But who could have seen this Final Four coming?

The championship pairing will be revealed on Friday, April 3.

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Jack said...

I voted Sanford and Pence. Pence over DeMint for the reason that Ulysses S. Grant gave for voting for James Buchanan in 1856: "I voted for Buchanan because I didn't know him, and voted against Frémont because I did know him."

Josh Putnam said...

This is competition is taking place in Bizarro world. Fringe candidates (albeit with good organization) are now frontrunners. Ron Paul is an unstoppable juggernaut.

See, this really is like the primaries. The nomination has been effectively decided and the choice is between voting for the nominee or in protest against the nominee. Jack, I see you've chosen to vote in protest.

I think I've been broken down by the inevitability of the Paul nomination.

Nah, I kept it regional; opting for the South Carolina Showdown.