Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pack Your Bags: FHQ is North Carolina Bound

FHQ has been offered and has accepted a job at Wake Forest University starting this fall. No, not on the janitorial staff; in the actual political science department. [See above for my reaction.]

Oh well, no more red state perspective from a life-long red stater. It is nice to go back home to the Tarheel state, though.

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Jack said...

Congratulations, Josh. North Carolina is lucky to have you back. And your red state perspective will be replaced by an equally useful reddish swing state perspective.

Will the blog continue?

Arbitrista said...

Congrats! Particularly in this job market!

Josh Putnam said...

Thank you both.

Yes, the blog will continue. It may be scaled back in terms of how deeply I delve into some things as I'm finishing up my dissertation, but I'd really like to use the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia this year to try out some things for the electoral college maps in 2012. But that will be during the summer and into the fall.

Bottom line: FHQ is going nowhere.