Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Follow-Up on ACORN

Earlier in the week I linked to a story on a raid of the Las Vegas office of ACORN. At issue was concern over voter registration irregularities. Some folks took issue with the way I chose to frame the way the story might be perceived. Speaking of framing, it seems that original story was lacking a vital part: ACORN's side of the story. As it turns out it was the ACORN folks who internally identified the people involved and turned them in. [Sadly, Project Vote's site is down right now. Not just that story; the whole site.] The Trail at the Washington Post added this:
"ACORN officials said they were stunned by the search because they had unilaterally identified and flagged suspicious voter registration cards to the county elections board starting in July and had been cooperating with authorities to cull bad information and fire workers who collected that information, said Brian Mellor, senior counsel for Project Vote."
In a close election this would probably be a bigger deal. [And it wasn't too long ago we were talking about this one being close.] Granted, Nevada is close, but the more that comes out about this particular ACORN situation and others, the more it seems like a drop in the bucket sort of scenario.

H/t: Elections Update for the link.

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