Monday, October 20, 2008

Early Voting in Forsyth County, GA: Technology at Work

Why call ahead to see if there's a line to vote early when you can simply point and click? Welcome to the internet age of ETV: estimated time of voting.

And, hey Rob, right in your backyard! Or not, unless you have a really big backyard.

H/t: Elections Update for the link.

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Robert said...

Hate to burst your bubble, Josh, but I am from Forsyth GA (middle GA) not Forsyth County which is north of Atlanta. I did vote yesterday in Monroe County, so this site will no longer be able to sway my vote.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just lost all credibility as an analyst of Georgia politics.

But I suppose I proved that yesterday with all that North Carolina talk. [Where I come from, the county seat often took on a variation of the county's name. Gastonia/Gaston County, Ruthefordton/Rutheford County, NC.]

Won't be able to sway your vote? Rob, it won't be able to sway your first vote. I know you've been working with ACORN lately and have a few more votes up your sleeve. FHQ will be actively trying to sway those votes all the way up to election day.

Robert said...