2020 Democratic Delegate Count

As of 7/13/20 (through Puerto Rico primary)

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Delegate count by state

Delegate Count with Superdelegates Included

NOTE: Superdelegates are free to align with a candidate of their choice at a time of their choosing. While their support may be a signal to voters in their state (if an endorsement is made before voting in that state or elsewhere), superdelegates will only vote on the first ballot at the national convention if half of the total number of delegates -- pledged plus superdelegates -- have been pledged to one candidate. Otherwise, superdelegates are locked out of the voting unless...

1) the convention adopts rules that allow them to vote on the first ballot [Superdelegates can participate in procedural votes, including votes on rules packages.], or...
2) the voting process extends to a second ballot. But then all delegates, not just superdelegates will be free to vote for any candidate.

Scenario one is more likely to occur in the event that a candidate reaches the convention with a small plurality of pledged delegates. 

Source of Superdelegate total: FiveThirtyEight Endorsement Tracker

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