Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election Night Live Blog

12:30am: Waiting on speeches from the candidates and "537 votes close" Florida to wrap this thing up.

12:11am: Virginia to Obama.

12:00am: Alaska to Romney.

11:49: Obama wins Colorado.

11:43pm: Nevada to Obama.

11:17pm: Missouri to Romney.

11:16pm: Networks start calling Ohio for Obama. That's all folks.

11:15pm: Oregon is Obama's.

11:10pm: Iowa to Obama.

11:04pm: North Carolina held out this long. As I said earlier, the longer the Tarheel state played out -- no matter who won -- the better it would be for the president.

11:00pm: California, Hawaii and Washington are all Obama states as we hit the West Coast. Idaho is Romney territory.

10:50pm: Minnesota to Obama. Another Lean Obama domino falls toward the president.

10:42pm: Arizona to Romney according to NBC. Montana has moved that way too. New Mexico is blue.

10:00pm: And Utah slips into the Romney column.

9:52pm: New Hampshire to Obama. The path is squeezing down to nothing.

9:39pm: Pennsylvania is also big. The paths to 270 are increasing for Obama; decreasing for Romney. Romney is going to need to carry North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and either Iowa or Colorado to take this.

9:31pm: Wisconsin to Obama is a biggie.

9:00pm: That Michigan call is pretty big.
Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas all are in for Romney.

New York, New Jersey, and Michigan all go to Obama.

8:41pm: Alabama is Romney's.

8:31pm: Arkansas and Tennessee move into the Republican column.

8:14pm: Georgia to Romney.

8:00pm: Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Illinois Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine (3) and Rhode Island all go to Obama at the 8pm hour. Oklahoma goes to Romney. Obama 64, Romney 40.

7:41pm: South Carolina to Romney. Romney 33, Obama 3.

7:30pm: West Virginia is in Romney's column as the 7:30 states close. I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that it was just a few cycles ago that the Mountain state was reliably Democratic.

7:23pm: Indiana to Romney. My, what a difference four year makes. Regression to the mean in the Hoosier state.

7:02pm: Kentucky to Romney. Vermont to Obama. Just like four years ago. ...and every year before that.

7:00pm: Here we go.

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Markus said...

Obama has won, if the exit polls are as precise as usual.

Anonymous said...

Wait, but Wisconsin is trending to Romney:
- 56% to Romney
- 43% to Obama

Per: http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/results/state/WI#president

Unknown said...

Dr. Putnam! What's going to happen in FL!!!!???