Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catch Up Time

As FHQ mentioned via Twitter earlier this week, life (and death) and a not all that unexpected uptick in the frequency of polling releases have formed a perfect storm of delay around here. Very simply, I'm behind. However, FHQ will be in catch up mode this weekend. To the extent I can churn them out, you will see a semi-steady stream of outdated updates to the electoral college map starting with the survey data released on September 20. I sincerely hope to be fully updated by Monday and then rollout a map with redefined (constrained) categories on Tuesday; just in time for the debates.

As a means of review, that will mean:
1) The "strong" category will shift from being states with averages over 10% to those above 9%.
2) "Lean" states will now be those with weighted averages between 4-9% instead of between 5-10%.
3) Most consequentially, "toss up" states will be those with averages below 4%.

Finally, let me apologize for the slowdown in posting and thank you all for your patience as we bring things back up to date.


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