Thursday, May 24, 2012

Excuses, excuses

In case you haven't noticed, the output here at FHQ has been, well, paltry of late. A confluence of factors including the end of the semester, family stuff and a trip last week to Boston all conspired to slow things down in May to a level not witnessed around these parts since 2010. Anyway, the break offers an opportunity to take a step back and hit the reset button moving forward.

About the only thing that I have tried to keep on top of is the state-by-state look at delegate allocation rules. That will continue for the upcoming states and until Utah brings up the rear on June 26. I even have a couple of draft posts that were never completed for a handful of Super Tuesday contests. I'll finish those up and post them for the sake of posterity. We may or may not need to consult them again in 2016.

Additionally, there a quite a number of loose ends on the 2012 primary season that I'd like to tie up. The reason I was up in Boston a week ago was to participate in an informal workshop with some of the principals from the rules making bodies in both parties. The intention there was to look back on 2012 with an eye toward 2016. As I was putting my thoughts together for that gathering it became quite clear that there is a continued need for examining the impact of the rules changes for 2012. I have a few (a lot of?) thoughts on the both the meeting and on primary season 2012 generally. Look for both in the coming days.

Finally, FHQ has been chipping away at the assembly of our quadrennial electoral college model. Expect to see that too in the coming days.

Yeah, yeah. I need to update the delegate count, too. I know.

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