Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season

FHQ has been fearful of this happening for a while now. My Google Alert for frontloading activity ahead of the 2012 presidential primary cycle is turning up more and more links to frontloading washers and dryers; the payments on which you can delay until 2012. How exciting! [Hey! I felt the need to share. Maybe you're interested in a new washer and dryer?]

On another note, we'd like to apologize for being quiet the last few days. Winston Salem got hit by the snowstorm that has made its way up the eastern seaboard and, well, I've been distracted. Hopefully something will be up late tonight and with some more regularity this week.

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Jack said...

Ah, southerners whining about the weather. Love it.

Speaking of which, I'd love to have a southerner's reaction to the Parker Griffith situation.

Robert said...

I'm in south Florida and it only got up to the mid-60s this afternoon. It was warm enough, however, to grill a nice steak!

I'm not real surprised about Parker Griffith. I will not be too surprised if Jim Marshall, my Congressman, decides to switch parties as well. It will be interesting to see if the Republicans embrace these converts or run strong conservatives against them in the primaries.

Jack said...

Usually, when conservative Democrats in conservative districts switch parties, their voting record in the new party is anything but moderate. Virgil Goode and, to a slightly lesser extent, Richard Shelby are among the first names that came to my mind, but there are many other examples. Republicans really have no reason to challenge Griffith - he'll surely shift far to the right.

And I'm not surprised about Griffith either. When you attack your own party's leader in the House, and say you won't vote for her for Speaker again, it's only a short step to bolting the party. I'm sure any Republican opponents will use that vote against him - his voting record is conservative enough that that's the only one they can really use.

Josh Putnam said...

Whining? Who's whining?

Snow in the South is a novelty and as a result is a fun distraction and not an irritating one. least not until you have to get up off of your duff and shovel out the driveway (which I should not have waited on. I'm a novice or at least out of practice.).