Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Jersey Gubernatorial Primary Today

The Democratic primary seems like a done deal, as embattled incumbent, Jon Corzine, is being challenged in the primary (just not seriously) while seeking a second term. On the Republican side, US Attorney, Chris Christie may also be a done deal in a primary match-up mainly against Steve Lonegan, among others.

This would set up an interesting general election, especially since Christie has been leading Corzine in the trial heat polls conducted thus far. In a blue state, though, November is a long way off. The office would be a major grab for Republicans if they can clinch it then. Curiously, the race was left off the latest Line on The Fix (with no comment on the reasoning, mind you). The race actually was taken out of the top ten gubernatorial races most likely to switch (partisan) hands in either 2009 or 2010. The polls tell me otherwise on this one. My question: Are there actually ten other races that are more likely to switch parties than New Jersey? Feel free to chime in on that in the comments section.

FHQ will be back later in the day with more (sometime) after the polls close at 8pm eastern. There won't be a run-off, so go ahead and cross that possibility off your list. Recount? It's possible, I suppose, but I wouldn't think it'd be expected in this case. Next week in Virginia may be a different matter.

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Jack said...

Am I the only one who somehow thought that the primaries in NJ and VA were somehow months away? I never really thought about the dates and just assumed they were far away.

Christie's far enough ahead in polls that I think he should win, especially since NJ moderate Republicans seem to me to be the types that would come to the polls, especially as they are fed up with Corzine. Maybe if they thought Corzine was doing a good job the moderates would stay home today (and even consider voting for Corzine in November), but of course that is not the case.

Jack said...

Best place for live election results seems to be this

Josh Putnam said...

Oh good. Thanks for posting this, Jack.