Monday, June 9, 2008

A Big Thanks to Demconwatch

I'd like to take an opportunity to publicly thank the good folks over at 2008 Democratic Convention Watch for linking FHQ's electoral college maps in their general election tracker. I always appreciated the US News exposure, but I value the vote of confidence from my blogging peers. And this is a vote of confidence from a really great site. If you haven't been reading Demconwatch, then you've been missing the best coverage of the delegate race in the battle between Obama and Clinton.

With the new exposure and a likely increase in polling, I'm going to start bi-weekly updates of the electoral college maps. Those posts will now come on Sunday and Wednesday. Also, I'll be unveiling the general election map in this Wednesday's electoral college post. Yeah, yeah, I know. And just after I changed the color coding. The color code will remain the same but we'll (Paul Gurian and I) be introducing a new and unique map template. Paul has been using it for years and it should be a great addition to the site.

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