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Monday, March 16, 2020

Tennessee Democrats Move to Remote Congressional District Conventions

Just under two weeks since the Tennessee presidential primary and a little more than a week since the county conventions in the Volunteer state, the coronavirus has stepped in to disrupt the delegate selection process there. 

District conventions were set to take place across the state this coming weekend on Saturday, March 21. County selectors, as they are called in Tennessee, were elected from respective presidential preference groups at the March 7 county conventions to attend the district conventions and select national convention delegates from those districts. 

That will still happen this weekend, but the Tennessee Democratic Party "out of an abundance of caution" has moved the process to a remote teleconferencing format in order to tamp down on the spread of the virus that is causing a wave of shut downs and cancelations across the country. 

Life has been greatly affected and that extends to the delegate selection process occurring quietly behind primaries and caucuses as they happen. Not many delegates have been selected yet, but the pace is getting ready to pick steam as the calendar turns to April. Tennessee joins South Carolina Democrats in making moves to limit in-person gatherings. Whether and to what extent other state parties react remains an open question at this point. But it is a developing story as the coronavirus situation evolves. 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 2012 Presidential Primary Calendar (9/28/11)

Republican contests in Alaska and North Dakota are now off the board and on the calendar:

[Click to Enlarge]

2012 Presidential Primary Calendar

Yet to decide/be confirmed:
Iowa Republicans
New Hampshire
Nevada Republicans
South Carolina Republicans

February 2012
Monday, February 6:
Iowa Democratic caucuses  (based on DNC rules and submitted delegate selection plan)

Saturday, February 4:
(through February 11) Maine Republican caucuses 

Tuesday, February 7:
Colorado Republican caucuses 
Minnesota Republican caucuses
Missouri (could move to March 6)

Saturday, February 18:
Nevada Democratic caucuses (based on DNC rules and submitted delegate selection plan)

Tuesday, February 21:
Wisconsin (bill moving primary to April 3 awaiting gubernatorial action)

Tuesday, February 28:
Michigan (bill keeping primary on February 28 awaiting gubernatorial action)
South Carolina Democratic primary (based on DNC rules and submitted delegate selection plan)

March 2012
Saturday, March 3:
Washington Republican caucuses

Tuesday, March 6 (Super Tuesday):
Alaska Republican district conventions
Colorado Democratic caucuses 
Idaho Republican caucuses 
Massachusetts (active legislation would move primary to June -- unlikely to pass)
Minnesota Democratic caucuses 
North Dakota Republican caucuses
(through March 10) Wyoming Republican caucuses

Saturday, March 10: 
Kansas Republican caucuses

Sunday, March 11:
Maine Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, March 13:
Hawaii Republican caucuses
Utah Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, March 20

Saturday, March 24:

April 2012
Tuesday, April 3:
Washington, DC

Saturday, April 7:
Hawaii Democratic caucuses
Wyoming Democratic caucuses

Saturday, April 14:
Idaho Democratic caucuses 
Kansas Democratic caucuses 
Nebraska Democratic caucuses

Sunday, April 15:
Alaska Democratic caucuses
Washington Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, April 24:
New York
Rhode Island 

May 2012
Saturday, May 5:
Michigan Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, May 8:
North Carolina (active legislation would move primary to March 6 -- unlikely to pass)
West Virginia

Tuesday, May 15:

Tuesday, May 22:

June 2012
Tuesday, June 5:
New Jersey 
New Mexico
North Dakota Democratic caucuses
South Dakota

Tuesday, June 26:
Utah (Republicans only) 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alaska GOP to Hold March 6 District Conventions

[Click to Enlarge]

The Alaska Republican Party is set to begin its 2012 presidential delegate selection process with district conventions on Super Tuesday, March 6.1 FHQ just got off the phone with Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich, and he confirmed to us that the party has planned on March 6 district conventions ending with an April 26-28 state convention since it adopted the necessary rules back on February 5, 2011.

The Alaska Republicans, then, join western caucuses in Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming along with a host of primary states on Super Tuesday.

Mitt Romney won the district conventions in 2008.

1 This date was earlier confirmed by The Green Papers. A hat tip to Tony Roza for passing it along.

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