Thursday, February 10, 2011

Democrat Files House Companion for March Presidential Primary in Florida

On February 9, Representative Martin Kiar (D-97, Parkland) filed a companion bill (H 695) to S 860 which would also move the Sunshine state's presidential primary from the last Tuesday in January to the first Tuesday in March. This move would bring Florida back into compliance with both set of national party delegate selection rules, but again, like the Senate bill, it is being pushed -- so far at least -- by Democrats and not the Republicans in control of both chambers in the state legislature. The extent to which Republican lawmakers jump on board either of these bills as co-sponsors or just voicing support, will go a long way toward determining whether either bill has a chance of making it through to Governor Scott's desk to be signed into law. The RNC is certainly urging action, but Republican legislators have been quiet thus far.

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