Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jeremiah Wright to Sit Down with Bill Moyers (Friday, April 25)

Bill Moyers has secured the first interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright since the pastor's now famous comments emerged as an issue in the Democratic nomination race. The interview will air on Friday, April 25 at 9pm (unless you are in Georgia). For Georgians, GPB will air the show on Sunday at 3pm. Fire up your DVRs!

Here's a preview.

Meanwhile, the Obama camp crosses its fingers and Clinton and McCain break out their pads and pencils.


Robert said...

That will be must see TV.

Robert said...


Your view on electoral analysis on the Democrats versus McCain is supported by

Josh Putnam said...

Here's Robs link.

Josh Putnam said...

And here's the apostrophe I missed.


Josh Putnam said...

I caught a blurb out of that on The Caucus's Early Word post this morning.

...and I can't argue with any of. It seems to be true.

Hopefully I'll get the new maps out tomorrow and throw in a version that puts more weight on the recent polls on Saturday. Everything is ready to go, I just have to make the maps. Sneak Peek: There isn't much movement in the electoral college numbers. A couple of states fell into the toss up category for Obama but still favor him over McCain. Pennsylvania is still decisive. Clinton continues to gain ever so slightly. But the numbers in the electoral college don't shift any. She's still facing a 70 electoral vote deficit. She did add a state or two to the toss up category.

Robert said...

Back to Jeremiah Wright. I can't see how the Moyers will do anything for Obama other than bring the whole matter back up. I think it would have been better for him if Wright had waited another two weeks. Also, I have not heard any Clinton denunciation of the Republican ad in NC that you alluded to in an earlier post.

Josh Putnam said...

The timing is interesting. But it is better for Obama this week than it would have been last week or next week. You're right though, all it does is bring it all back up. Then again, the ad in NC is doing that anyway.

Clinton won't denounce it until she's asked about it. And surprisingly, she hasn't been asked yet that I know of. She is on the sidelines on this one, but she likely won't be for too much longer. Maybe they'll ask Bill about it. He seems neutral on these matters of race.

Robert said...

Yes, there could be worse times for Obama for Wright to resurface. I see where Obama is going on FOX News this weekend, but it doesn't look like he wants another debate. Can't seem to fit it into his schedule.

Apparently Bill wants to remain the only black President. I wonder if Toni Morrison regrets that statement. Speaking of Bill, did you see this one?

Also, there was an interesting analysis of the PA data on RCP this morning complete with regression equations

Finally, if you get tired of playing with your Presidential maps, NPR now has a Senate race map at