Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Remember the Alamo...uh, Nevada

As we are apt to do when the nomination season rolls around, we tend to shift the focus to what is next in the process instead of casting an eye toward what has been (and why). It is not unlike the classic one-night-stand scenario though Super Tuesday in that context is a bit overwhelming...but I digress. Political scientists are always haunted by these "what has been" and "why" questions (or they should be if they want to make it in the discipline). When something new like the Nevada caucus comes along, it presents a natural opportunity for unique research. So instead of moving on to Wisconsin and Hawaii, why not look back at Nevada for a moment. Occasional commenter and all-the-time Nevada area political scientist, Dave Damore, has a great post-postmortem (I already used postmortem to describe it in an earlier post.) of the January 19 Nevada caucuses up on Good stuff.

While you're there, be sure to check out (and I'm not trying to divert attention away from Dave's post) the sister sites in other states--in the middle column. Both some of the states that have gone and some that have yet to go are represented. All should have good insight on the contests in those states.

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