Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vice President Speculation

I hate to jump the gun on this, but since the topic came up in the live discussion group this week and since there has been an increasing amount of chatter among the online pundits, I'll make an exception. So, who are the possible VP choices on either side? Well, being that we may be four or five months away from knowing, it is open season on guessing.

The Fix over at Washington Post had a great post earlier this week naming a list of folks on both sides who may figure into the decisions of the eventual nominees. Have a look here and add any other ones not included in the comments section with reasoning behind their inclusion. Notice Georgia's own Sonny Perdue is mentioned as a possibility on the GOP end.

Vice presidential choices were also on the mind of at least one South Carolina voter this week as Bill Clinton was asked in a town hall meeting there to discuss the possibilities. While refusing to do so he went through a list of models for choosing the second in command. It was an interesting approach from someone who has been there. The Caucus outlines the ones he brought up: the balancing the ticket option, choosing the person who finished second to unify the party and the pick someone similar with different strengths.


Robert said...

What about J.C. Watts for the Republicans if Hillary heads the ticket and Barack is not the VP candidate or Christy Todd Whitman if Obama and not Clinton heads the Democratic ticket? I know Condi Rice is mentioned among the conservatives, but she is too tied to Bush this time. That would be a fourth model -- messing with the other party's mind.

dr said...

Watts is such an interesting figure. He stuck to his guns and term limited himself and really hasn't been heard from since. I like this fourth category.

Does Geraldine Ferraro fit? Not much was paid to the combinations used by the losing parties in the blog post on the The Caucus. Their examples were all winning teams. Those are the ones that stick in most people's minds I suppose.

Rich Clark said...

Back to Perdue on the GOP side ... unless the nominee is Huckabee, having a southern conservative on board couldn't hurt the ticket.

And for the Democrats, I still like Bill Richardson for the Clinton VP or Wes Clarke if Obama is the candidate. Obama will definitely need someone who wreaks foreign policy and secuirty.

Josh Putnam said...

Wes Clarke is definitely getting a lot of buzz being linked to the Clinton camp. It wouldn't be a bad choice for either one.