2016 Republican Delegate Count

Final Convention Roll Call of States Tally

Latest Update: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota primaries (6/8/16)


Chronology of Delegate Allocation:
6/7/16: Trump wins New Jersey (51 delegates), South Dakota (29 delegates), Montana (27 delegates), New Mexico (24 delegates), and California (172 delegates).
5/25/16: Trump wins Washington; all 10 congressional districts (30 delegates) and 11 of the 14 at-large and automatic delegates. 41 delegates are bound to Trump. The remaining three at-large/automatic delegates are unbound under Washington State Republican Party rules.
5/17/16: Trump wins Oregon and is allocated 18 delegates. Cruz and Kasich take five delegates each. [Updated with new vote totals. One delegate subtracted from Trump and one added to Kasich. The latter was closest to the rounding threshold and claimed the final unallocated delegate.]
5/10/16: Trump wins West Virginia and is allocated the three (3) automatic delegates from the state.
    The remaining 31 directly elected delegates all were Trump delegates as well.
    Trump wins Nebraska and all 36 delegates from the Cornhusker state.
5/4/16: Trump sweeps all 57 Indiana delegates.
4/30/16: Carson releases his two Nevada delegates. They have been shifted into the uncommitted column.
4/26/16: Trump sweeps the five northeastern/mid-Atlantic primaries.
    CT: Trump +28
    DE: Trump +16
    MD: Trump +38
    PA: Trump +17 (*+33 -- unbound)
    RI: Trump +11, Kasich +5, Cruz +3
4/20/16: Trump wins the New York primary, netting 89 delegates to Kasich's 6. Cruz was allocated no delegates.
4/18/16: Georgia allocation change to fit the Georgia Republican Party interpretation of their rounding rules. Trump loses two at-large delegates and Cruz and Rubio each gain one.
4/16/16: Cruz wins 14 at-large delegates in Wyoming state convention.
4/9/16: Cruz wins 13 at-large delegates in Colorado state convention.
4/8/16: Cruz wins all seven Colorado congressional districts -- CO1 and CO6 (4/2/16); CO7 (4/7/16); CO2, CO3, CO4 and CO5 (4/8/16). In CO2 and CO7, Cruz won one pledged/bound in each and won two unpledged/unbound but committed delegates in each. Those four delegates filed to run as unpledged delegate candidates, were elected and have chosen to support Cruz. Technically, however, those four are unbound at the national convention in Cleveland.
4/6/16: Cruz wins in Wisconsin, claiming 18 at-large/automatic delegates. Trump wins in WI3 and WI7 (6 delegates) and Cruz wins in the remaining six districts (18 delegates; 36 total).
4/3/16: 28 unbound delegates selected in North Dakota. Early indications are that the slate elected came off the Cruz list. However, due to uncertainty, the full delegation will be treated as unbound/uncommitted in the count above.
4/2/16: Cruz wins three delegates in both Colorado congressional district 1 and congressional district 6.
3/29/16: The Alaska Republican Party reverses its reallocation of Rubio's delegates at the request of Rubio.
3/22/16: Trump wins Arizona and receives all 58 delegates.
3/22/16: The Virgin Islands Republican Party removed the winning uncommitted delegate slate and replaced them with the six alternates who won election on March 10. That includes alternates-turned-delegates now bound to Rubio (2), Cruz (1) and Trump (1).
3/18/16: The Alaska Republican Party, by rule, reallocates delegates of any candidate who has stopped actively campaigning to qualifying candidates still in the race. That has led to a reallocation of Rubio's five delegates. It changes a 12-11-5 Cruz advantage over Trump and Rubio respectively to an even 14-14 split between Cruz and Trump.
3/10/16: Virgin Islands Republican caucuses elect six (6) uncommitted delegates to go along with the three (3) party delegates who were already unbound under party rules.
3/8/16: Tennessee Republican Party releases final delegate count (with congressional district delegates): Trump (18), Cruz (6), Rubio (3)
3/7/16: Louisiana Republican Party releases delegate count: Trump (18), Cruz (18), Rubio (5). Trump wins the at-large count 12 to 11 over Cruz. They were the only candidates to qualify. In every congressional district but  the 4th, Trump, Cruz and Rubio each received one delegate. Cruz received a majority in the 4th congressional district and received two delegates. Trump was awarded the final delegate there.
3/3/16: Tennessee Republican Party at-large delegate count: Trump (15), Cruz (10), Rubio (6)
2/24/16: Nevada caucuses: Trump (14), Rubio (7), Cruz (6), Carson (2), Kasich (1)
2/22/16: The New Hampshire Republican Party announced the certified delegate allocation for the Granite state. Trump +1 over earlier total, Rubio -1.
2/21/16: South Carolina primary: Trump (50)
2/10/16: New Hampshire primary: Trump (10), Kasich (4), Cruz (3), Bush (3), Rubio (3).
2/9/16: Blackwell removed from count as per RNC interpretation of allocation rules.
2/2/16: Iowa caucuses: Cruz (8), Trump (7), Rubio (7), Carson (3), Bush (1), Fiorina (1), Huckabee (1), Kasich (1), Paul (1)
1/9/16: Morton Blackwell -- national committeeman from Virginia -- endorses Ted Cruz. The Republican Party of Virginia rules explicitly leave the three automatic delegates -- including Mr. Blackwell -- unbound. The RNC, however, is considering the party delegates bound, but with little guidance as to how to treat delegates left unbound by state rules. One interpretation is that a pledged like Mr. Blackwell's binds him to Cruz (though perhaps not indefinitely).

Rule 40 requirement: Candidate currently must have a majority of delegates from at least eight states to have their name placed in nomination at the Republican National Convention.

As of 6/8/16:
Trump (27): South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Hawaii, Mississippi, Northern Mariana Islands, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, California
Cruz (8): Texas, Kansas, Maine, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin, Colorado, Wyoming [Louisiana does not count at this time.]
Kasich (1): Ohio
Rubio (2): Puerto Rico, Washington (DC)
Uncommitted (5): Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, North Dakota, Pennsylvania


Trump4POTUS said...

The table has an error. Trump won 10 delegates in New Hampshire, not 11. Great tracker and maps, keep it up!

Josh Putnam said...

Please use the chronology at the conclusion of the page. It has links to useful information including the certification of the New Hampshire delegate count by the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Donna said...

Just discovered your blog page. Great info! And even better news is that you are from UGA! Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that several other "mainstream" news sources currently (as of Monday, March 21) have Trump with 681 delegates, whereas you have Trump with 696. Can you address the difference?


Josh Putnam said...

Mainly it is a function of Missouri not being called and a handful of congressional districts having incomplete results and having not been called by the AP.

Richard Pildes said...

What is your understanding of what happens on the first ballot to any delegates pledged to a candidate who turns out not to be able to meet the Rule 40 requirements (whatever those turn out to be).

Professor Richard Pildes

Josh Putnam said...

The state delegation chair calls out those votes during the roll call vote, but the secretary of the convention does not record them as part of the official tally.

See link here for more on how this works in practice.