The 2012 Presidential Primary Calendar

Updated March 1, 2012
Last action(s): Texas primary date added to the calendar and reshaded on the map.

For the marked up version of the calendar showing dates moved, the distance traveled and former calendar positions (pre-change), click here.

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Reading the Map:
As was the case with the maps from past cycles, the earlier a contest is scheduled in 2012, the darker the color in which the state is shaded. Iowa, for instance, is a much deeper shade of blue in January than South Dakota is in June. There are, however, some differences between the earlier maps and the one that appears above.
  1. Several caucus states have yet to select a date for the first step of their delegate selection processes in 2012. Until a decision is made by state parties in those states, they will appear in gray on the map.
  2. The states where legislation to move the presidential primary is active are two-toned. One color indicates the timing of the primary according to the current law whereas the second color is meant to highlight the most likely month to which the primary could be moved. 
  3. States that are bisected vertically are states where the state parties have different dates for their caucuses and/or primaries. The left hand section is shaded to reflect the state Democratic Party's scheduling while the right is for the state Republican Party's decision on the timing of its delegate selection event.

January 2012
Tuesday, January 3: 
Iowa caucuses (Democratic and Republican)

Tuesday, January 10:
New Hampshire

Saturday, January 21:
Nevada Democratic caucuses
South Carolina Republican primary

Saturday, January 28:
Maine Republican caucuses (through March 3)
South Carolina Democratic precinct reorganization meetings (through March 27)

Tuesday, January 31: 

February 2012
Saturday, February 4:
Nevada Republican caucuses

Tuesday, February 7:
Colorado Republican caucuses 
Minnesota Democratic caucuses (presidential preference vote affirmed at March 6 Organization Unit meetings)
Minnesota Republican caucuses
Missouri (Democratic primary, non-binding for Missouri Republicans)

Sunday, February 26:
Maine Democratic municipal caucuses (no official presidential preference vote taken. That will occur during March county meetings.)

Tuesday, February 28:
Arizona Republican primary

March 2012
Saturday, March 3:
Washington Republican caucuses

Tuesday, March 6 (Super Tuesday):
Alaska Republican district conventions
American Samoa Democratic caucuses
Colorado Democratic caucuses 
Idaho Republican caucuses 
North Dakota Republican caucuses
(through March 10) Wyoming Republican caucuses

Wednesday, March 7:
Hawaii Democratic caucuses

Saturday, March 10: 
Guam Republican convention
Kansas Republican caucuses
Northern Marianas Republican convention
Virgin Islands caucuses

Tuesday, March 13:
American Samoa Republican caucuses
Hawaii Republican caucuses
Utah Democratic caucuses

Saturday, March 17:
Missouri Republican caucuses

Sunday, March 18:
Puerto Rico Republican caucuses

Tuesday, March 20

Saturday, March 24:

Saturday, March 31:
Arizona Democratic caucuses

April 2012
Tuesday, April 3:
Washington, DC

Saturday, April 14:
Idaho Democratic caucuses 
Kansas Democratic caucuses 
Nebraska Democratic caucuses
Wyoming Democratic caucuses

Sunday, April 15:
Alaska Democratic caucuses
Washington Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, April 24:
New York
Rhode Island 

May 2012
Tuesday, May 1:
Democrats Abroad caucuses (through May 6)

Saturday, May 5:
Florida Democratic caucuses
Guam Democratic caucuses
Michigan Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, May 8:
North Carolina 
West Virginia

Tuesday, May 15:

Tuesday, May 22:

Tuesday, May 29:

June 2012
Sunday, June 3:
Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
Puerto Rico Democratic caucuses

Tuesday, June 5:
New Jersey 
New Mexico
North Dakota Democratic caucuses
South Dakota

Tuesday, June 26:
Utah (Republicans only)