Thursday, January 12, 2023

Bill Introduced in Michigan Senate to Move Presidential Primary to February 27

A day after the 2023 legislative session opened in Michigan, legislation has been introduced in the state Senate to move the presidential primary from the second Tuesday in March to the fourth Tuesday in February. 

Senator Jeremy Moss (D-7th, Southfield) filed SB 13, a short bill with the simple objective to move the Michigan presidential primary into compliance with the newly adopted DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee calendar proposal for the 2024 cycle. Importantly, the rules were suspended and the bill was moved directly to the Committee on the Whole for consideration. This, no doubt, was a move to expedite the bill's passage. Part of Michigan being conditionally granted a waiver to hold a nominating contest in the DNC pre-window period was to have completed all action on a primary move by February 1. 

While that is an official deadline as part of the waiver for the Michigan primary, Democrats in the state are unlikely to be penalized if the legislature is making progress on the bill after the end of January. Michigan Democrats will not lose their pre-window spot if provable, positive steps are being made (and it is just a matter of when not if the bill will ultimately become law. 

Nevertheless, a bill to move the presidential primary in the Great Lakes state is now active and should move relatively quickly through the Democratic-controlled legislature. 

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