Thursday, August 16, 2012

2016 Starts in Tampa

Back in June FHQ gave a rundown of a bipartisan working group meeting of rules officials within both national parties concerning the 2016 delegate selection rules.1 The intent of the meeting was not necessarily to reform the system so much as bridge the gap across parties and discuss ways to streamline how Americans select their presidential nominees. As the current cycle heads into convention season, the 2016 cycles looms. That is because the RNC will vote on the rules governing the process of nominating the party's 2016 nominee in Tampa. In other words, if the parties are to do anything about the Florida/Michigan/Arizona problem it starts in less than two weeks.

Now, the word streamline above is a kind of catch-all phrase for what the group discussed at Harvard. Below is the declaration that emerged from that May meeting:

NPC 2016 Declaration
You can find more at the National Presidential Caucus blog.

1 See those previous posts describing the May meeting FHQ was asked to participate in at the Harvard Institute of Politics here and here.

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